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Dr. Muhammad Naeem Arham CCFP

MBBS (Pk), Dip. Family Med. (SA) CCFP

No one in this world can disagree to the fact that life is precious; precious enough, to be taken care of and to be protected. The world of today harbors a great deal of human miseries and sufferings. Quite a large number of people die of diseases, which could have been prevented or cured. As I gained maturity, I begin to realize that I have to perform a substantial and productive role in curbing human anguish.

In Pakistan, there are numbers of hospital to treat the suffering humanity. But the advanced technology and latest facility are not available. I have spent about 6 years in the field of medicine there but still thirsty for new techniques in the diagnosis and management of patients. I spent more than five years in South Africa. Here I have a great opportunity to boost up my skills. Here in South Africa I undertake structured training that will enable professional and personal development.

Canada is the country where I learn how to think scientifically, how to hypothesize designs, how to use modern techniques and how to facilitate the patients with these advancements. It is here that I got the opportunity to flourish my knowledge and clinical experience by working with the one of the excellent medical setup of the world.

At present i am working with the team of efficient and qualified doctors at windermere Medical Clinic for almost 5 years.