Appointments can be made by calling: 604 859 6774

A routine office visit is scheduled to last 10-15 minutes. A complete physical examination is booked for 20- 30 minutes. We are able to deal with 1 or 2 problems thoroughly at each office visit.

More problems may require another appointment. At the beginning of your visit, please let the doctor know how many concerns you hope to address and we will do our best to accommodate you as the time allows.

We encourage you to make appointments in advance. However, because health problems can arise quickly, you can be seen on the same day for urgent problems. The Walk In Clinic physician will be able to accommodate you the same day. This may not be your family physician as all doctors of the clinic takes rotation in Walk In Clinic extended hours.

We require 24 hours notice of cancellation for appointments. ( 1 business day) The fees for a missed appointments or appointments cancelled at short notice is $30. Patients who repeatedly miss appointments will be discharged from the practice.

Telephone Prescription Renewal Policy: For your convenience, the doctors at Windermere Clinic will renew your prescriptions by telephone, when it is medically appropriate to do so. The fee for this service is $30.20 and must be paid in advance. Please allow 24 hours for your prescription to be filled. If the physician feels that a medical assessment is necessary, you may be asked to come in.

As a rule we do not renew prescriptions on pharmacist faxed requests except when considered appropriate for patients with difficulty to attend clinic.

You will be notified immediately of any significant abnormal test results. Normal results will be discussed at subsequent office visits. If you are particularly concerned about a pending test result, you are welcome to call the office to check if your test result has arrived. PAP tests can take up to 6 weeks for results to be available. Most bloodwork results are available between 1-14 days after the sample is drawn. Maternal serum triple screening and amniocentesis results can take 2-3 weeks. Xray results are usually available within 1-2 days. CT scans, MRI reports may take up to one week.

Our medical office assistants are instructed to not give results by phone.

LifeLabs are offering access to results on their website


Your physician will be able to attend to most of your concerns.

It is also your physician decision to refer your case to a specialist when this is indicated and he will make the necessary arrangements. Referrals for consult or follow-ups to specialist are made after an assessment in office by your doctor.   

It is your responsibility to confirm the date or change this if inconvenient to your schedule with the specialist office.